I love Christmas. It’s by far the best holiday of the year. From the 1st of December I always watch one Christmas movie a night until Christmas day. So far I have watched The Christmas chronicles 1 and 2 I’ve also watched The princess switch and tonight I’m going to watch the Grinch with all my friends. We always put our Christmas tree up before the 5th of December, i love decorating the tree because we have so many decorations and each year my sister and I get to buy one special decoration for that year this is one of our traditions that we have done for a while. Christmas day is the best, we normally get up at about 6:00am to go to the farm to help out with the last of the heard, from there we all go home and open some presents  to music while mum cooks us pancakes or we just skip because of how many lollies we eat in the morning. In the afternoon we don’t have to go back to the farm and we have a water fight if its hot or our family comes over for the best Christmas lunch with ham and we even get pavlova with cream and strawberries, raspberries, kiwi fruit and cherries.

That’s why I love ChristmasElegant tree made from used bottles! Hilarious and sustainable at the same  time. | Unusual christmas trees, Creative christmas trees, Recycled christmas  tree

Camp 2020 coastreeing

Coast treeing 

It was a boiling hot afternoon on camp. Walking on the slippery, slimy reddish rocks I was trying to stand on the ones with the pale white barnacles for grip. It’s hard to run because of how many layers I’m wearing, I have my togs on followed by thermals to keep me warm in the freezing cold, salty sea water and to top it off a tight, faded purple and black wet suit with a P.F.D (personal flotation device). On the top we had helmets. They were all different. Mine was bold red and size M which was medium, it was kinda big for me. We were following the instructor around a big-ish island made from where the lava met the water, this was cause it used to be a volcano thing. We were in groups of 9 with Mrs Campbell and our 2 instructors George and Jess. We walked up huge and tiny rocks that were a dark black from the glistening clear blue water splashing up on the rocks.My group and I walked to this one piece that looked like a piece where it looked like marble from where the water had come up and started to travel abroad. I jumped off a huge black rock about 11 meters from the sea, standing up there I could see where we had been kayaking a couple days before I could hear the sea crashing up to the rocks underneath me. I jumped off the rock. I could feel the wind in my face as I went feet first the seaweed touched my head. We had to swim though where the water was really rough and I nearly got pushed under. I got helped out of the water by a parent onto the barnacle covered rocks. I had grabbed a handful of seaweed to keep. We walked back to the car i was covered in mud but i had the best time ever.    

My review of term 3

This term has been really good I’ve really enjoyed how much times we have done youth town and P.E, because I love getting outside. We also have continued on with our 100 club and at the start of this term I was round about 75 but now I’m at 95 ish. I’ve also really improved with my writing too. I got a level 4 and before I had a early level 4. I am also very happy with our basketball we have not lost a game yet and we are in the finals to win the whole compassion for the mixed grade, Mrs Campbell came and watched one of our games and she took some pics. I hope we win our next game which is the finals for the winners.  In conclusion I have really liked this term and I hope that next term is the same.

who is my hero?

My hero is Mitch Hunt. Mitch Hunt is a huge influence on me because I love rugby and one day I hope to be as good as him. Mitch Plays for the Highlanders in super rugby. Mitch also used to play for the Crusaders last year. I adore Mitch for his great drop kicks that he does , they  almost always go though. Mitch’s birthday is the 19 of June 1995. When the Highlanders vs the Crusaders were playing Mitch was in the Crusaders it was close to the end of the game, Mitch had the ball  Wyatt Crockett yelled at Mitch to do do something with it. Mitch got the ball and dropped kicked it 43m away from the tall rugby post it got over. That was when I first decided that Mitch was the best player and my hero. Mitch Hunt is my hero, who is your hero?



Year 7&8 trip

Last Friday most of our class went in cars to Dunedin for a trip. We were originally going skiing at round hill ski field but the snow was bad. Mr Turner came up with a good idea to go to Dunedin to go curling and ice skating. At first I was really  sad that we would not be going skiing but when we got to Dunedin i was happy because i like ice skating. We went curling first I hated that it was really hard to not fall over but I got the hand of it. When we had finished curling it was about lunch time. Mr Tuner had got us pizza he had said have as many as you want. I had 3 pieces and Ne’tava had like 16 so did Will. After we got our skates then got on the ice. Everyone had to go the same way. I was fun.


My favourite rugby player.

My by far rugby player is Mitch Hunt he plays in the Highlanders. Mitch is 25 years old. He used to play for the Crusaders. Mitch’s normally play as number 15. His birthday is the 19 June.Mitch is my favourite player because he dose the best kicks. My favourite play was in 2018 when he was in the crusaders and they were playing the highlanders. Mitch did the best drop goal that won the whole game in the 82nd minute. Mitch is a great rugby player but I think he plays better in the highlanders. Another reason why Mitch hunt is my favourite player is because he dose the best kicks and I look up to him for that.

Tech week

for 4 day every term all the year 7’s and 8’s go to O.I.S in town for tech week. Tech week is were we rotate from class to class we are put in groups at the start of the year and we join schools with Papakaio and Glenavy in my group I have only James and Markus from duntroon but I made friends with a couple of girls in my class. At the start of the year i was in food. this term I was in hard materials. That is my favourite class. I really enjoy getting my hand dirty and building stuff. The fist day we had to do tons of paper work and then we finally started to plan what we were going to  make. We were making chopping boards with a wood burned design on it. My design was Mitch hunt’s name with a rugby tee. the next day we made them and we oiled them. We made a lot more but we could not take them home till the last day. Also i a moosie yepee

My Learning conference

Last Thursday Mum and I drove to Duntroon school which is we I go to school. We went there because I had a learning conference with my teacher Mrs Campbell . A learning conference is were the teacher and your caregiver and you go to the class you learn in, the teacher talks to you mum or caregiver. I have never been in a learning conference about myself, my mum has always gone in by herself and I play outside well waiting for it to end so i could go home. This learning conference was really cool to see what the teacher is saying about me and how I’m going with my learning. I normally don’t get to hear what the teacher says but I really enjoyed hearing how i could improve is all my schoolwork. This time i am not behind in anything last time I was behind in my math because it takes me longer to understand thing. I was really happy that i have been doing well in all my school work. I just need to work on not messing around and getting my work done with time to spare. Also I need to work on keeping my voice down when I’m inside and being aware of other people working. That was my learning conference.

Tab’s hockey

On Sunday my family and I went to town to watch Tab’s hockey. Tabitha is my sister and she goes to St kevin’s collage and plays in the first 11 hockey team. Tab’s plays a full back. Full back is were you are playing in the back helping the goalie to deafened the goal. The team skc and tab played was wghs 2nd division they are not the best team. skc won 3 to 0 they played a good game.

where I want to go!!!

I want to go Texas. I want to go because there is soooo many rodeos. If I went to Texas. The city is named after former General Sam Houston, who was president of the Republic of Texas and had won 40 km east of Allen’s Landing. Houston grew steadily into a regional trading center for the remainder of the 19th century I would take Brooke and Bella. We wold travel around then go to all of the best rodeos. Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo is the rodeo I want to go to most Brooke, Bella and I love watching rodeos. Texas also has a lot more to offer like really good shops to shop for cool things like good cowboy boots and hats.